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itskaterinapetrovabitch: Top 12 favorite ships (In no particular order) | Quinn Fabray & Sam Evans (Glee)
monstreet: CRYING. SO HARD RN.
“Are you okay?” “No,I’m totally freaking out.Last time we performed in front of an audience I went to labour.I think I’m having post-traumatic stress”
just shout whenever and i’ll be there. you are my love, you are my heart and we will never ever ever be apart
karanna1: HEARTS IN EYES. I love them together, but Quinn is gonna have to do some SERIOUS work to get him back. I want to see her go all out with the serenading and the flirting and the groveling and hell even learn Na’vi for him!!!!
“Lor Menari…Means you have pretty eyes. It’s Na’vi, the avatar language?”
Top 5 Glee Ships (in no order) | Sam & Quinn
colormeanyday: Quinn: Can we please talk about this.Sam: There’s nothing to talk about.Quinn: Don’t say that.. 
“Is this a no?” “It’s a maybe” 
When everything was Fabrevans and nothing hurt.
said there’s another, looked right in my eyes, My first love broke my heart for the first time.
…so why are you yelling at my girlfriend about it?
“i-i want to be with you sam.”
becauseimalwaysright: Poor Quinn try so hard to pretend like she doesn’t notice Sam kissing Santana. Fight for him Quinn, earn his trust back! The boy loves you. I know he does. He would much rather be with you, even drunk Santana realizes that.
quinn: color me mine? sam: i’ll color you yours anyday. 
karanna1: This song, like all the songs I sing, is for my girlfriend Quinn.
karanna1: As much as I hate anything that makes Quinn cry, she did bring this on herself. :(
almostgaby: When Glee first started I was a Fuinn fan, and I still adore Fuinn however ever since Sam came on I just adored him with Quinn. So now I’m torn and all mixed up b/c I genuinely adore both ships. Gah kahskajhs.
Sam: That one’s Venus. Planet of Love.Quinn: It’s actually Mars, planet of war.
Sam: What are you doing?Quinn: We’re not using that. You’re paying.Sam: Why?
juvie-jailbait: why do you put me on a pedestal? i’m so up high that i can’t see the ground below so help me down, you’ve got it wrong — i don’t belong there one thing is clear i wear a halo, i wear a halo when you look at me - halo ; bethany joy galeotti Sam/Quinn from Glee asked by the Rachel to my Arissa, Lucy.
buckbeaks: This is a Sam/Quinn gif. Before you ask, absolutely this was necessary. 
youalwaysmakeiteasier: Dianna is like “oh my God he’s perfect” and he is like “oh my God she’s perfect” lol
-odd-person-: Sam and Quinn - 2x08 Furt
youngwarlock: Well I know this little chapel on the boulevard we can go No one will know Come on girl
(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life - 2x09 Special Education
karanna1: I can’t get over their cuteness. It’s just unreal. And I don’t feel like throwing up at all!
whathappensifyoutouch: I’ve had the time of my lifeNo I never felt this way beforeYes I swear it’s the truthAnd I owe it all to you‘Cause I’ve had the time of my life
youngwarlock: “We’ve been talking this whole time, and you haven’t noticed yet that I am wearing your ring.”
madchick: Quinn: We’ve been talking this whole time and you haven’t even notice that I’m wearing your ring. Sam: How did you get that? Quinn: I broke into your locker.
SAM: How bad does it look?QUINN: It’s pretty hot, actually.
whathappensifyoutouch: Chord jumping of hapiness <3
jimhalpert: Quinn: We’ve been talking this whole time and you haven’t even noticed that i’m wearing your ring.Sam: How did you get that? Quinn: I broke into your locker, i’ve always been really handy with a nail file.
sealedwithakick: Oh. LOL.
justanothergleeclubloser: …Like I need you…
xsiriusblack-: idc if this is a reblog. omg hes so cute.gnfjsdgbf
krzl09bggsh: Took me an episode to find them great together. Let’s see how I’ll feel when Puckerman comes back. I’m liking this! Yuh…
krzl09bggsh: When I was a little girl, I had a rag doll. Only doll I’ve ever owned. Now I love you just the way I loved that rag doll… Only now my love has grown. Sam/Quinn.
fuckyeahsamevans: When we’re Prom King & Queen, it’ll feel, just as good as a little something-something. -Quinn
-emilyfields: say my name
“Is this hot enough for you?”
krzl09bggsh: I is downloadin’ Glee ep 5. WOOHOOOZ.
unforecastedstorm: Quinn: You know, I hear they don’t even make this fresh. They fly them in frozen from some factory in the Dominican Republic.Sam: I once caught some pretty sweet waves down in the Dominican. Hey, hey, hey.Quinn: Uh-uh.Sam: Come on it’s my Matthew McConaughey impression… Come on.
fuckyeahsamevans: I’m Sam.
faire: Hot patootie bless my soul I really love that rock ‘n’ roll
okay, not gonna lie…I SQUEED SO MUCH
“i couldn’t have asked for a better partner.”
madchick: Ok, fuck it! I ship them! I already saw few bitchy comments in my last post which bothers me a little, not only because I think people who do not agree with something shouldn’t reply to them but also because I dont’ think it’s fair for Puck to do it with any living girl on the planet  but when it’s Quinn that might find someone who likes her and appreciate her then it’s a drama. How rude. I think they are so lovely and have great chemistry togethe so I hope this will go somewhere and they won’t make Sam gay or screwing with her since she had enough crap in her life. I want to say that I’m still a Puck/Quinn shipper and always will be, looking forward to see them back together (because I believe they are perfect for each other) but I’m happy if Sam/Quinn really happens.
damnprecious23: Quinn: A gentleman always pays on the first date. am I the only one who awwed when quinn considered it a real first date.
thatgleekychick: I can’t stand how unbelievably cute these two are! 
archisexture: damnprecious23: So cute! I’m not even watching but they look too cute. PLZ DONT RUIN IT SHOW. STOP GIVING ALL THE MEN TO KURT. 
Every time we say goodbye I wish we had one more kiss I wait for you I promise you, I will.
s: which one are we on?q: earth. sheer pretty should be enough by now, guys.
francodave: frankenteen
do you know how to play?
♫ Lucky I’m in love with my best friend.
you make it easier when live gets hard 
the definition of flirting.

! ! ! K O P Í R U J S E Z D R O J E M ! ! !


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